Deploying Cracked XAP using Windows Phone SDK 8.1lite on Window phone8.1 & windows10 mobile.

Follow Some Steps For Install Cracked Xap File.
Step 1. Firstly, make sure that you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone (7/8/8.1) device. If you      don’t, follow this tutorial to unlock your phone. It’s free.
Step 2. Download the Windows Phone Mini SDK8.1 lite as needed (download links in the above tutorial). However, if you have a developer unlocked phone, chances are that you already have it installed on your PC; so skip.
Step 3. Connect your Windows Phone Device to your PC using a Data Cable.
Step 4. Then Search (Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1) and open it.

Step 4. Set Target to Device.
Step5. Click on Browse in front of the XAP field and locate your downloaded (cracked) or self-packed XAP file
Step 5.Make sure your device’s screen is unlocked. Then click on Deploy at the bottom right of the window.
Step6. After a few seconds, the application will show a XAP Deployment Complete status.

Step7. The app has been deployed. You can now disconnect your phone and start using the deployed app.
Note:-Try This Tricks Own Risk. If you face Any kind of issue from this app. TechNo NinjaS Team and other Supporting team not responsible.
Note 2. Deploy means Install.
Tutorial Complete  Thank You.