Mod Lumia camera xap for Windows10 mobile via TechNO Ninjas Team.

1. Developer unlock (Developer Mode ON.)
2. Interlop unlock   (May be Need)
3.  WP8.1 SDK Tools Lite Setup Av1.20 Download from here.
4. Modified Lumia Camera xap. Download from here

Follow These Steps.
Step 1. Turn on Deverloper Mode on your windows10 mobile.
Step 1. Download WP8.1 SDK Tools Lite Setup Av1.20.
Step3. Download Modified Lumia Camera xap.
Step4. Install  WP8.1 SDK Tools Lite Setup Av1.20.
Step5. After That Open Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1.
Step5. Set Target to Device.
Step6. Click on Browse in front of the XAP field and locate your downloaded Modified Lumia Camera Xap file.

Step7. Make sure your device’s screen is unlocked. Then click on Deploy at the bottom right of the window.

Step8.After a few seconds, the application will show a XAP Deployment Complete status.
Step9. Enjoy your Lumia Camera.
This trick create by TechNo Ninjas.